We provide a range of culturally safe community health programs to increase education and promote wellness for all individuals residing in the South East LHIN that identify as Indigenous. We also offer assistance in navigating community support services and resources including:

• Forms assistance for IIPCT clients for Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program, Indian Day Schools and Water Claims.

• Funding assistance through Assistive Device Program, NIHB and other programs

• Navigating community support services for housing and food security

STOP Program – Smoking Cessation Counselling

• 26 weeks of FREE Nicotine Replacement Therapy

○ Patches available in 21mg, 14mg and 7mg

○ Nicorette Gum (2mg)

○ Thrive Lozenges (2 mg)

○ Nicorette Inhaler (4mg)

• Smoking Cessation Counselling

○ Goal setting

○ Journalling

○ Weekly, biweekly or monthly support through phone calls or in-person appointments

• Indigenous Quit Kit available

We post our community programs and events here on our website as well as on our Facebook page, Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte Facebook page and Newsletter. If you have any questions about these services please contact our Community Development Workers:

Jamie Kring



Sarah Kring