Immunization Program

As stated by Public Health Ontario, immunization is widely recognized as one of the greatest public health achievements. Vaccines save lives, prevent the spread of diseases and reduces health care costs. For example, smallpox was a deadly disease that killed hundreds of millions of people. Because of vaccines, this disease was essentially eradicated. 

Unless children have a valid exemption, they must be immunized to attend primary or secondary school. Please see more information here:

Please see the publicly funded immunization schedule for Ontario below. 

If a vaccine was not given at the suggested age, catch up schedules can be created.

Vaccines help prevent your child from getting a disease that can cause lifelong damage or death. As an example, meningococcal disease can cause brain damage, deafness or loss of limbs. It is safer to get the vaccine than to get the disease. Please se below for more information about each visit.

Infant Immunizations

When you bring your child to receive these vaccines, we usually complete a well child visit that includes a physical and developmental assessment. 

2 Month Vaccines

4 Month Vaccines

6 Month Vaccines

1 Year Vaccines

15 Month Vaccines

18 Month Vaccines

Pre-school Immunizations 

4-6 Year Vaccines

School-Aged Immunizations

7th Grade Vaccines

Adolescent Adacel

Adult Immunizations 

Tetanus Diphtheria Pertussis

Please find fact sheets for all publicly funded immunizations below.

Adults should receive their one-time adult dose of Tdap. Every 10 years following this, they should receive a Td booster.

Anyone over 6 months of age should receive their flu vaccine annually.

At age 65, vaccines to help prevent shingles and pneumonia are also publicly funded.

Individuals may be eligible for certain vaccines sooner or receive additional doses if they fall under a high-risk criterion. Individuals may also have insurance or choose to pay for vaccines before they are publicly funded (for example, the shingles vaccine at age 50). To learn more, please see the Public Funded Immunization Schedules for Ontario below, or call our clinic (343-478-0196) to see what you are eligible for. 

Please find the fact sheets for all vaccines below. Here you can read further about the vaccines, potential side effects or contraindications. It is important that you are informed about your health care decisions.