well child / well baby

We offer well baby and well child appointments. Our little ones are our future, and it is important that monitor their health and we care for them in a gentle manner.

What to Expect

During your visit, we will perform a physical assessment. This may include checking their weight, length, and head circumference. You may see the nurses or doctors listen to your baby’s heart, lungs, or abdomen. We may feel their head, examine their eyes, and check their hips. 


During the visit, we will assess your child’s development. If you have any concerns about development, please bring them to our attention. If you are curious where you child should be developmentally, please follow the link for a nice guide. This resource is free for clients in Ontario: https://www.lookseechecklist.com/en/parents.


 During your visit we will ask questions surrounding your baby/child’s nutrition and behaviour. We will also provide education in many areas including injury prevention, healthy sleep habits, environmental health, oral health, fever advice and more!


During your visit your baby may also receive vaccinations. To learn more about these, please view our immunization page.