Tsi Kanonhkhwatsheríyo Primary Care Team Seeking Board Members

She:kon, Kwey, Aanii!

In support of the Ontario’s First Nations Health Action Plan, the Indigenous Interprofessional Primary Care Team (IIPCT) provides wholistic health care that is guided by a vision that embraces the health and wellbeing of the Indigenous communities it serves through a strong culture-based approach. Through collaborative practice, the IIPCT hopes to deliver faster access to the right health care. The IIPCT’s primary care services are offered in Kenhtè:ke, also known as Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory and Kingston. 

IIPCT is a Teaching Facility

Tsi Kanonhkhwatsheríyo, The Indigenous Interprofessional Primary Care Team and Place of Good Medicine, is a teaching facility. This means that at any time, our clients may see nursing or medical students at the clinic. This is in addition to our full-time complement of on-site nurses and our clinic’s family physicians Dr. Jamaica Cass, Dr. Kim Edwards and Dr. Matt Dumas as well as Nurse Practitioners Sarah Taylor and Kristine Canty. The IIPCT feels it is important to support the next generation of healthcare workers.

Prescription Refills

Please allow 10 business days for the IIPCT clinic to fulfill prescription refills. If possible, ask your pharmacist to send a prescription renewal as soon as you see that you have zero repeats on  your prescription.


Monthly Calendar

Our clinic

one dish one spoon

In the spirit of the teaching of One Dish One Spoon, we are committed to sharing our skills, knowledge, attitudes and values with all Indigenous people and their families. 

Two row wampum

In our spirit of the teaching of the Two Row Wampum, self-determination and respect guide our actions. This particularly applies to total respect for the diverse ways of knowing and being of different Indigenous healing approaches as well as clinical healing approaches.  

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