Did you know Shonkwaya’tihson (the good twin) created medicines but his brother, Tawiskaron (the bad twin), made plants that look similar? Both plants serve their purpose for helping us but we need help identifying them and choosing which is the right one to use.


The Traditional Healing Co-ordinator has sought out seers and traditional healers for clients wanting to use only traditional medicines or to use in combination with their pharmaceutical prescriptions. The guidance of a seer will help put the client on the right path for a traditional medicine.


The Coordinator will seek out traditional knowledge holders with Rotinonhsyonni (Haudenosaunee) cultural and spiritual knowledge, as well as other First Nations’ knowledge holders as requested.


Tangible medicines may not always be needed. Our language and cultural knowledge are things that were taken from First Nations using the residential school system, which imposed a different language and cultural belief system. Both our language and cultural knowledge are what gives us our identity and uniqueness from others. The loss of these have left a heavy burden on First Nations people and many feel directionless. Working with the seer and a mental health professional through discussions can also help clients find the right path.



Please note that traditional medicines are not an absolute cure as much as a preventative medicine. However, the guidance of a seer can help find the right traditional medicines that may be required.